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Sell More,
Make More,


We provide the technology, tools & systems that will change your life & your bank account! 

Why Do Our Agents Perform So Well?

The combination of our training, coaching, systems and technologies give our agents an advantage but its our team culture & positive culture that really make the best performing agents!

Technology & Systems

We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars refining our systems & technologies.

Realtors earning $100,000 or more in gross commission income are more than twice as likely to use advanced technology tools like a CRM than agents who earn less.

We provide our team members with a competitive advantage through FREE access to training, techniques & technologies. As the industry changes we are consistently updating and innovating, so our agents never fall behind. 


Annual Team Growth Spend


Systems Investments


Emails Sent Per Month

4 Mo.

Training Time

Strategic Partnerships

As a top performing team we have great strategic partnerships!

From Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad, Knock and more; our strategic partners & status as a top performing team in Arizona provide almost unlimited opportunities!

Zillow Premier Agent

Get More Leads!

You don’t have to worry about where your next sale is coming from.

We aquire highly convertible leads and have systems to close those leads. We provide appointments & other services for dedicated agents who want to service those leads! We’ve got more than you can handle!

Qualified Appointments

Get qualified appointments & our showing agents can show homes for you 

Master you craft by spending more time working on what you do best! Our team will provide you with appointments and our showing agent can show homes for you. 

Administrative Freedom!

To compete with top producers you must have administrative help.

To make sure you spend more time working with clients, we have staff to help you process transactions and other administrative duties.


Find stability & balance in your work & personal life.

Life and work can come at you a million miles per second. Consistently addressing and prioritizing your successes can go a long way. Our team gets personal and professional coaching to ensure you’re performing at a top level!


Proven proprietary trainings & access to additional trainings!

Our training is among the best in the industry. It’s not easy but you will come out better! If you’re in need of a focused approach, with time tested systems and techniques, we can help. 

Team Atmosphere & Culture

Self development & a positive work environment are the heart of our culture

Our focus in on the success of our people & we believe a culture focused on self development & positivity is the way to excellence.

We concentrate heavily on success planning, team building, agent development, agent recognition & giving back to our clients & community!  


Team Building

Growth is a team sport!

From yearly goal planning to escape rooms and other team building opprotunities, a good team functions together.

Client Appreciation

We give back to our clients

Private movie viewings, networking events & more! We believe engaging our clients is important to maintain a relationship & continue to provide value.

Giving Back

Community Outreach

From donations of our commision to physical volunteering, we’re dedicated to giving back to those we serve.

Success Planning

Agent Milestones

Team Recognition

We’re Looking For Real Estate Agents Who Pursue Success

Cashflow & Wealth

Partnering with our team gives you the ability to get results in a fraction of the time it would take you on your own.

By reducing your expenses, selling more homes & lowering your expenses gives means more cashflow that can give you the edge needed to succeed in investing. You can make your money work for you & we can help you get there.

Concrete Your Value & Staying Power!

The industry is changing & those who provide the most value will WIN in the long run!

The real estate industry is drastically different than it was a decade ago & further change is inevitable. In an age where agents risk losing purpose & value, staying power is more important than ever.

A knowledge of real estate strategies / tactics gives you an advantage over other agents, will attract more & better business, while providing more value to your clients & years of repeat business! 

Rental Real Estate Strategies

1031 Exchange Tax Strategy

Fix & Flip Real Estate Strategies

Buy & Hold Strategies

Trade-Up Strategies

Real Estate Syndications

Hard Money Lending

Much More!

Increase Your Profitability

Joining our team means you’re going to pay less in overhead but & increase your resources 10x. We pay for the systems & technology so you increase your cashflow & grow your wealth faster!


Reduced Start Up Costs

Even if you’re just getting started we will save you money. From for sale signs, marketing materials, lockboxes etc. partnering with us can save you over $4,900.


Reduced Monthly Costs

Professional photography, administrative staff, technology, marketing materials, client appreciation events are just a few of the reoccuring expenses we provide to our team.


Advanced Training Value

In addition to our proprietary training, you’ll have access to such training as The Language of Sales, Dave Ramsey, Mega Buyer Agent, 90 Day Listings In 90 Days and more!

Increase Your Income

Our realtors can take home a range of commissions depending on hours worked per week and expereince in the industry. But we push our agents to be super stars and the income doesn’t lie!


If You’re Average


If You’re A Rockstar!


60% Income Increase

Came from another top 10 AZ team & went from $100,000 to $160,000 NET!


Only 19 Years Young

In under 60 days, Jazmyn, already had 4 homes under contract!


$170,000 Increase

Pre-team income of $80,000 to over $250,000 NET income!

John J.

250 Appointments

Took 50% more appointments than previous year, by leveraging our team and systems.


30 Homes Sold

The average agent only sells 12 homes per year. This agent more than doubled that!


Best Year Ever!

Been in the industry for over 8 years and had her best year after joining!

Are You Team Material?

We’re looking for agents who exhibit certain tendincies & instincts. Please check out our criteria & see if we’re meant for each other!

Who We Are

Team Founders

Carin Nguyen

Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur, Author, Award Winning Real Estate Professional & Industry Expert

Son Nguyen

Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Award Winning Real Estate Professional & Team Training Expert

We have “invested” our time & money so that you won’t have to!

We sold over 2,500 homes before starting our team! Through our mistakes & successes, we’ve learned the best strategies & processes to build a profitable & sustainable business in any real estate market.

Our Vision

Nationally celebrated team, changing the real estate industry with innovative methods & systems that grow wealth for clients & our agents!

Our Mission

To make it faster & more profitable for agents to build their businesses & acquire wealth while building better agents for the future!

Our Promise

You give us commitment and focus, and we’ll give you the models, leads, leverage and tools along with the environment to succeed in real estate while improving the quality of your life.

Proof of Excellence

Our team does ROCK! But don’t just take our word for it. The numbers speak volumes!

U.S.A. #2 Team

Ranked #2 in the nation for residential home sales by the Wall Street Journal

Top 10 Team

We’ve been a top 10 team for over 10 years! A top team every year since we were founded. 

Top 1% in AZ

Outperforming 99% of Arizona agents and teams since 2008!

$8,000 More

We net our sellers more money! On average more than $8,000!

4,000+ Homes

Having sold 4,000+ units in just over a decade, we’re consistently a top  team!

$1 Billion

We’re proud to announce we’re on track to close over $1 billion in home sales!

Before You Apply

Please read the criteria below and make sure you qualify before applying.


Knows What They Want


Want to Raise the Bar


Can Be Pushed From Comfort Zone


Ambitious Self Starter


Great Work Ethic


Can Work On Commission Only


Really Loves Learning


Drive To Reach Goals


Has Cash Reserves Available


Can Follow Schedules


Determination To Succeed


Want's To Give Back To Community


Can Follow Direction


Desire a Bigger Life


Positive Outlook on Life